The Temple and The Sword is an engaging adventure for youth 10 and up as well as adults.

It will challenge the hearts and minds of those who don't yet know Christ, and speak to the spirits of those who do.

Integrated into the story is an opportunity and a prayer for the unsaved to give their life to Christ, and an idea of how to start their Christian journey.

Children love the supernatural! Spinning yarns that take them outside the norm are on the rise and are giant box office hits. Meanwhile, we already have the One and only real, living, super natural God-man! Christianity must present stories that compete with the pretend superheroes and all those dark, tantalizing fables. Our God offers a relationship with Himself, His Sword of the Spirit, His spiritual armor, and then He empowers us to be more than conquerors! Historical records from Genesis through Revelation barely scratch the surface of the immensity and greatness of Him! We need to make sure the kids get it in adventures filled with excitement that leaves them wanting more. In The Temple and The Sword and future sequels kids can experience Biblically based cutting-edge possibilities!

172 Pages with 10 illustrations.

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