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If you like C.S Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, you'll love Manning's Temple and the Sword.
--A.C. Crawford, Christian book store manager
COMING SOON in 2010: Temple and Sword: WARFARE!
In the year 2027
12 year old Jordan Abrams, his younger sister, and brother are still dealing with painful life changes, when a mysterious voice calls them up to the attic where they discover an ancient, dust-covered trunk containing a timeworn Book. From amongst puzzling foreign languages, it begins to literally speak and manifest itself to them! The journey investigating the true meaning of what the Book says takes them across an ocean to experience the roots of Judeo-Christian faith, and back. Filled with intrigue and adventures, they find power and an everlasting bond with the One and only real, Superhero.

The sequel to The Temple and The Sword: Another quest is on the way as the kids, Uncle Paul, and Rabbi Ben travel to Ethiopia where they discover possibly the most sought-after artifact of all Biblical history!
The adventures of a lifetime begin!